Embracing Destiny

Excerpt from Legendary Leaders of the Bible

John the Baptist was an extremely unique individual—not only in his day, but more than likely he would stand out today as well. Isaiah prophesied his birth and an angel announced him when he was born. His father, Zechariah prayed for a son; God answered, and told him exactly what to name him. His mother, Elizabeth, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, were cousins. When Mary visited Elizabeth while both were pregnant, the baby, John, leaped in His mother’s womb and the Bible says that Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.[1]

John knew his purpose—perhaps from birth. He was appointed by God to announce Jesus as the Messiah as he stepped into ministry. He lived to prepare the way of the Lord. Charismatic in his delivery and bold in his belief, people would travel out into the desert to hear him speak. He was a fearless leader, unwilling to compromise and bold in confronting people about sin as He pointed them to Jesus.

Facts about John’s Life:

  • He was six months older than Jesus (Luke 1:36).
  • John was sustained with locust and honey camel hair with a leather girdle for clothes (Matthew 3:4).
  • John’s message attracted many people and they wondered if he might be the Messiah (John 3:28-30).
  • John was beheaded at the hand of Herod before Jesus died.


[1] Luke 1:41


One thought on “Embracing Destiny

  1. I love John’s humility to embrace his role in God’s plan. He was not Messiah. Yet he could have easily impersonated him to feast on the people’s ignorance and expectations. Nay. He chose yo decrease so the Lord can increase. So much to learn from one man!


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