A Decision to Get Back on Track

(excerpt from Love is Not An Emotion)

All my life I knew and believed my life was filled with God-given purpose. My mother and grandmother told me so—and I believed them. But nearly five years into my marriage, I found my life going nowhere. I felt misplaced and somehow knew there had to be more to God’s plan for my life.

My husband, Blaine and I both recognized a void in our lives and concluded, we were not where we should be. We thought if we stayed where we were—in every area of our lives—physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially—

we would miss God’s plan.

We began to listen and watch for His perfect will. We sat on our couch in our tiny mobile home that sat in my parents front yard, and prayed together. We asked God to put us where we were supposed to be because we felt in our hearts we were stuck.

The next morning we headed to work in separate cars. We each had a 40-minute commute. I was listening to the local Christian radio station. I heard a job announcement at a ministry in another state and my heart leaped. I believed that was the job God wanted for Blaine. I called the radio station and got the information. The next day he mailed his resume to them. They called him. He went for an interview and shortly after that was offered the job.

Five weeks from the night we prayed, we packed our son and few belongings in a U-Haul® and set out for the most amazing adventure. We both served in ministry and it turned our lives right-side up. It pointed us in the right direction—God’s path for our life.

That was more than 20 years ago. We’ve experienced so much, and God has taken us on a continual adventure. We’re still on His path. He never let us miss a beat as long as we were willing to come alongside Him and walk with Him on the path to our destiny.

I’m not saying the journey has been perfect. We’ve gotten ahead of God, at times, or perhaps made a wrong turn, but as we listened to His voice, He helped us stay His course.

Even when you make a wrong turn or step off His path for your life, if you will run to Him and allow Him to redirect you, He’ll set your feet back on the right course and turn you in the right direction.

If you look back, you’ve probably experienced this in your life. What extremes did the Father go to in order to touch your heart, grab your attention and communicate His love for you?

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