Five Ways to Step into God’s Rest

Quite some time ago, I woke up and my first thought was Psalm 100. The Lord speaks to me that way sometimes. So, I turned on my computer, pulled up my favorite Bible study site, and read Psalm 100 in several different versions. I was sure I would spend the next few days or weeks studying this because it was another path of “rest” I needed to explore. For more than six months, the Lord pointed me to what it means for me to live in His rest.landscape-mountains-nature-man pexels

The next evening I pulled out my Bible read Psalm 100 again. I found as I read it and then researched corresponding scriptures, it’s about how to rest in God’s presence. Many years ago the Lord repeatedly spoke the words “Be still and know,” to my heart, which is another “rest” verse. I don’t like waiting. I want to know what the plan is and take action. If it’s a timing thing, then I can wait pretty well if I have something to do in the planning stages.

But, this season of rest is completely different.

It’s was a deeper, more concentrated level. God wanted me to get it this time. i feldt stuck in a place of learning about rest until I gained a new revelation that only He could make known to me.

David, the psalmist and author of these verses seems to have had the same struggle with rest. As I read and reread this Psalm, I realized there is a lessons here that I needed to take to heart. It’s not a formula to follow but a revelation that I pray will help me to experience God’s rest in a new way. David shared five ways to step into God’s rest.

Five ways to step into God’s rest:

  1. Shout your praise to God.
  2. Accept His authority for every detail in every area of your life.
  3. Eagerly and without reservations agree with the guidance he gives you.
  4. Give Him thanks for his unfailing love.
  5. Value of Him as your Creator.

(*Watch for more over the next few weeks on each of these points.)


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