Shout Your Praise – 5 Ways to Step into God’s Rest

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth[1]. Here you and I (as a part of the whole earth) are instructed to make a loud, joyful noise to the Lord. We can’t shout to Him unless we are in His presence. I imagine myself stepping into the presence of God with a blast of worship and praise.

people-festival-party-dancing pexelsAs a cheerleader in high school, I have many memories of the crowd erupting as the team ran onto the field, scored a touchdown or received a good call from the referees. While that can in no way compare to the shout of praise we should have for God Almighty, it’s a picture of a shout of praise.

Maybe the next question is how to shout that for joy. What do you say to Him? He’s God! He knows your heart and mind. He knows your thoughts before you express them, and yet He wants to hear your voice—your praise.

As I read and reread Psalm 100, I underlined the verbs—David’s instruction of ways we can acknowledge God in our lives and rest in Him—

  • shout
  • worship
  • come before him
  • know him
  • enter in
  • give thanks
  • praise His name!

I think verse two expounds on this, telling us how to shout for joy. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.[2] It’s another picture of what our shout of joy looks like. It’s the act of pouring out our adoration, love, respect and devotion—our worship—with all the happiness, delight, pleasure and cheerfulness in His presence.

[1] Psalm 100:1 NIV

[2] Psalm 100:2 NIV


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