Life is in the Blood-Blaine’s Story (updated)

My husband’s journey to the Purium lifestyle is answered prayer. Blaine has been on blood pressure meds since he was 36 (except for a year in which he lost weight and went off the meds). A few years after blood pressure meds, it was necessary for him to also start cholesterol meds. At his checkup a year ago, his doctor expressed concern that he was pre-diabetic and could need medication in the future, but weight loss could help. He was confident it was his weight that was causing his medical issues.

Blaine avoided the diagnosis because a job promotion transferred us to Indiana. He went for a checkup in April 2015 and received the same news from a new doctor, your weight is the contributing factor. “If you don’t lose weight, we may have to add blood sugar meds to your list of medications.”

Sept 2015 – before purium

A little history—Blaine was a high school and college athlete. He had a 32” waist until we had our second child. Once he put the weight on, he tried many different crazy diets with short-lived success.  (I did them with him). We also worked out at the gym pretty consistently for months at a time with minimal, sustainable results.

So, just a few weeks before the dreaded doctor appointment, he made the decision to do SOMETHING. Blaine needed something that worked for him when he traveled—his on-call schedule and frequent travel seemed to always derail his plans. A friend of mine had just finished the Purium 10-Day Transformation and suggested he try it. So he did the 10-Day Transformation and then continued to do two shakes a day until his doctor appointment.

He lost 15 pounds during his 10-Day Transformation (cleanse) and then leading up to his doctor appointment. In addition to the weight loss, inches lost, his efforts over the last 15 or so days culminated in the physical evidence in his blood draw. In years past, his blood seemed to seep slowly into the vial. It appeared thick and a dark purplish, red color. He immediately noticed the change in his blood color—he watched as a bright, red-colored blood poured quickly into the tube. He asked the nurse about it and she confirmed his blood was more oxygenated.

That was the evidence Blaine needed to prove Purim had made a drastic, positive change in his health. He knew he felt better and handled stress better. Once the results of his blood work came back all of his numbers were drastically improved. The doctor said, “Keep doing what you’re doing, and you will be off all meds.” He didn’t need blood sugar meds. His sugar levels were normal.

He did a second 10-Day Transformation in December, and I joined him that time. I lost nine pounds and feel so good. He is plans to do another cleanse in January. He has lost 25 pounds, four inches off his waist and is halfway to his weight-loss goal of 50 lbs.

The key is finding something that works for you. This works for Blaine because he can take it with him when he travels and stay on course. I’m convinced that Purium resets your system and your body can respond appropriately because it’s continuing to receive 100% nutrition with your pure core nutrition taken each day. Your body is no longer searching to compensate for the nutrition that is often lacking in our average American daily diet.

UPDATE August 6, 2016*********

This past month, Blaine had another excellent report and great blood work panel. His numbers are in the normal rage all the way around. His doctor directed him to stop taking the cholesterol meds, and decreased his blood pressure meds by half, which was a lower dose already. Next month the doctor fully expects him to be free of all meds.